Brass Products in Bangalore

brass products in bangalore
Brass Products in Bangalore

Rajendra industrial suppliers are among the trusted names dedicated to offering a qualitative range of brass products in Bangalore. These products are purchased by genuine industry suppliers and are accessible to customers at industry leading prices.

We have been able to obtain these products in varying sizes and specifications and offer them to customers according to their needs and requirements. Brass products have high tensile strength. They are corrosion resistant. They are strong and healthy with dimensional accuracy and also have durable patterns.

Various types of brass are available here that are generally used in various industries. We offer different shapes and sizes of brass rods, stripes. We offer various products such as brass rods, sheets, coils, etc. Copper and brass products in Bangaloreare used in various applications such as electrolytic applications, engineering components, panels, rectifiers, heat exchangers, solar heaters, geysers, construction, chemicals, textiles and more.

Rajendra Industrial Suppliers believes in the policy of giving the best quality that starts from the correct selection of raw material. We have an enthusiastic production and sales team to meet the ever increasing quality of customers and service prospects. We have the potential and the elasticity to meet the unique needs of the product and exact specifications and size. We firmly believe in excellent customer service, product quality, guarantee, observance and competitive pricing structure. Join us for the premium quality brass products in Bangalore at affordable prices that are satisfying to customers


Brass sheet suppliers in Bangalore

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Brass sheet suppliers in Bangalore

Brass is a common metal that is very useful. It is an alloy made up of copper and zinc. The proportions of them vary for different kinds of brass. The properties of brass are that they have the bright gold appearance and is sometimes reddish gold. Brass products have a relatively low melting point and are a good conductor of heat.

Rajendra Industrial Suppliers are one among the known brass sheet suppliers in Bangalore. Brass is used in the instruments, radiators, decorative items, etc. Brass sheets that we offer are made up of premium quality material and they have n number of specifications.

The applications where brass sheets are used have high strength, corrosion resistant and are durable. These brass sheets are usually used for door hardware, furniture, nuts, small hardware, gears, defense, boiler and furnace manufacturers, railways, elevators, escalators, automobiles pump and valves, etc. They are used in trouble applications.

Brass sheet suppliers in Bangalore offer fine finished products that are high in efficiency and elegantly designed. The products that we supply are manufactured with high-grade materials obtained from the finest vendors in the industry. Brass sheets are generally used for grinding, grading and stitching purposes in different industries and are valued in the market.

For strong construction and long lasting service life, join hands with the brass sheet suppliers in Bangalore– Rajendra Industrial Suppliers. The products are customized in different shapes, designs, thickness, and sizes as per the need and necessity of the customer at affordable prices.e need and necessity of the customer at affordable prices.

Brass rod suppliers in Bangalore

brass rod suppliers in bangalore
Brass rod suppliers in Bangalore
Brass is an alloy of metal that is made up of zinc and copper. Rajendra Industrial Suppliers is a trading company that is one among the best brass rod suppliers in Bangalore.
Brass rod is made up of an alloy of copper and unstable levels of zinc and at times it has extra elements for special properties. Brass rods are known for its excellent drilling and cutting performance. It also has high conductivity and corrosion resistance. Brass products have different grades and accordingly have its particular application advantages.
The brass rod suppliers in Bangalore offer brass rods that give greater strength and better machinability than that of bronze or copper and are known as red metal due to its chemical content. Brass rods have varied shapes, sizes and thickness and we customize them as per the need and requirement of the client.
The applications where brass rods are used are hardware, electrical appliances, fittings, sugar industry, furniture, plumbing, general engineering, borehole tubes, etc. The salient features of the brass rods are that they have a unique quality, accurate dimension, high working capacity, excellent straightness, superior surface characteristics, long lasting shine, etc.
Join hands with the brass rod suppliers in Bangalore– Rajendra Industrial Suppliers, for the company, offers premium quality brass rods available in different sizes as per demands of the customers. We prioritize on the quality of the product and we pay attention to the manufacturers who supply us the materials. we offer best quality products at affordable prices.

Brass products in Bangalore


Rajendra Industrial Suppliers deal with various brass products. Brass products is a metal alloy made up of copper and zinc. The properties of these two components can create brasses with various properties. These components may replace each other within the same crystal structure.

Brass products in Bangalore are used for electrical conductivity as brass has high corrosion resistance. Brass products have various grades and shapes with a wide range of brass sheets, brass pipes, bars, shims, etc.

Due to its bright gold-like appearance, it is used for decoration- applications that have low friction is required for instance locks, door knobs, gears, bearing, valves, for electrical applications, and instruments such as horns and bells where a combination of workability and durability is desired. Tools that are used near flammable or explosive materials, usage of brass products in Bangalore becomes important.

Rajendra Industrial Suppliers offer premium quality products that keep them in healthy condition. The manufacturers that we take goods from are genuine vendors that are trusted from various industries. Brass products come in different and size depending upon the specification as per the demands of the client. We focus on providing ensured quality product, precision, and smooth finish. Brass products are appreciated for its oxidation, resistance, durability, high strength as well as sturdy construction

Join hands with Rajendra Industrial Suppliers for best quality brass products in Bangalore at affordable prices with customization as per needs and requirements of the client.